A perfect timing is crucial

Time is money! a good timing is always crucial in an economic entity as a company or a Start-up. In such system, you have to coordinate many processes, such as your resources, your supply chain, your production with the market needs. Being able to anticipate the change in demand and consequently adapting your offer will enable you to have an advantage over your competitors and achieve growth and eventually the survival of your company.


In a biological system it is very similar. Timing is the key to coordinate many physiological processes. You have resources coming from food, fat storage, and you need to properly allocate these resources when you need them at the right time and the right place. Our body has an internal timing system called the circadian clock, which provides us the ability to anticipate environmental changes. This regulatory network is intricated with our metabolism in order to regulate a large variety of processes such as feeding-fasting cycles, sleep wake cycles, and more. In the lab of Gad Asher we study the cross-talk between the circadian clock and the metabolism at the molecular level to understand the fundamental properties of our daily-rhythms.  We want to understand what affects this temporal variation and how our health can benefit from any perturbations in our dietary income or in our exercise schedule. I’m currently working as a data scientist and I’m using statistical modelling and large-scale gene expression and metabolites analysis in order to study these processes.


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